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Pin tail, veil tail, flag tail… – learn about guppy standards

The guppy (Poecilia reticulata), a widely esteemed aquarium fish, has captivated the fascination of aquarium enthusiasts worldwide. Its popularity stems from sought-after attributes such as size, body colors, and fin … Read More

Can you keep fish in a glass bowl?

The glass bowl, which can still be found on the shelves of pet stores, is a vessel suitable for a bouquet of flowers or a candle holder. Whoever puts the … Read More

Snorkeling spot

Aquarists on vacation: how to identify good snorkeling spots

Aquariums and especially tropical fish tanks are commonly seen as a piece of nature brought to your home. Oddly enough, people have a hard time imagining how the natural biotopes … Read More

Girl with a bag with fish

How to buy aquarium fish to avoid problems

Aquarists, regardless of age, get very excited about populating their tanks with fish. It’s not surprising as it is a very intriguing process. There are many schools of thought concerning … Read More