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Water chemistry


Can you keep fish in a glass bowl?

The glass bowl, which can still be found on the shelves of pet stores, is a vessel suitable for a bouquet of flowers or a candle holder. Whoever puts the … Read More

Snorkeling spot

Aquarists on vacation: how to identify good snorkeling spots

Aquariums and especially tropical fish tanks are commonly seen as a piece of nature brought to your home. Oddly enough, people have a hard time imagining how the natural biotopes … Read More

Girl with a bag with fish

How to buy aquarium fish to avoid problems

Aquarists, regardless of age, get very excited about populating their tanks with fish. It’s not surprising as it is a very intriguing process. There are many schools of thought concerning … Read More


Lowering the water temperature in aquarium

On hot days many of us are looking at the aquariums and envy our fish for being able to sit in water all the time. Instead of sitting at work … Read More