Tropical EDU Magazine

Dear aquarium and terrarium fans!

We are thrilled to invite you to read our first edition of Tropical EDU Magazine, where our experts share their passion, knowledge and experience in marine and freshwater aquaristics and the fascinating world of reptiles and amphibians.

In the first issue of the magazine you will find three knowledgeable articles, each from a different field. Thanks to Bartek Stańczyk you will get to know Zoanthus corals. Aleksandra Kwaśniak-Płacheta will tell you about nutritional values of invertebrates, immunoactive substances and herbs and David Krótki will introduce you to the mysterious world of snakes.

But that’s not all. In the magazine you will also find an interesting article about biotope aquaristics by Kamil Hazy and an interesting interview with Krzysztof Kelman, director of the Municipal Zoological Garden in Płock, carried by Paweł Czapczyk.

TropicalEdu Magazine is one of three segments of a rich educational platform prepared by Tropical, which you can use every day. In addition to the magazine, we encourage you to read our blog and watch interesting videos available on our YouTube channel.

We wish you a pleasant reading of our premiere edition and encourage you to enjoy the benefits of the entire Tropical EDU educational platform.

Number 4 Summer/Autumn 2021

Number 3 – Spring 2021

Number 2 – Winter 2020/2021

Number 1 – Autumn 2020