Ph.D.Eng Aleksandra Kwaśniak-Płacheta

Hydrobiologist, expert on feeding and breeding of ornamental fish, aquarium enthusiast. A highly recognized speaker of many aquarium training courses and symposiums. Author of articles published in domestic and foreign magazines including „Nasze Akwarium”, „Magazyn Akwarium”, „Planeta Zwierząt”, „Tanganika”, „Fauna & Flora”, „Pet Market”, „Aquafeed Magazine”, „Pet Worldwide” and various publications of Wrocław Aquarium Association.

She graduated from the Faculty of Environmental Protection – specialization in Surface Water Protection at the Agricultural University of Wrocław (currently Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences), then she received her PhD at the Faculty of Biology and Animal Breeding in the field of broadly defined hydrobiology and inland fishing. Since 2001 she has been a member of the Wrocław Aquarium Association (WTA). In 2005-2008 she held the position of its president.

Dawid Krótki

A graduate of the Faculty of Animal Breeding and Biology at the University of Agriculture in Krakow. Breeder of African and South American cichlids. An expert in the feeding and breeding of reptiles, amphibians and all kinds of invertebrates. Author of many aquarium and terrarium articles.
Fascinated by the world of flora and fauna from his early age. He develops his passions in his professional work.

In his free time, an amateur musician. He produces reggae and dub music. He plays in the band “Shashamane” on keyboard instruments.


Marine biologist, graduate of the Department of Invertebrate Zoology and Hydrobiology at the University of Lodz. The author of, a popular blog about marine aquaristics. Since 2018 Tropical expert on products dedicated to marine tanks – Marine Power.

He is passionate about underwater life in the seas and oceans, and the colorful coral reefs made him decide to get to know their world as well as possible. He participated in research projects on biodiversity conservation on coral reefs in the Indian Ocean. He has been promoting sustainable marine aquaristics for years. Thanks to his extensive knowledge, he successfully runs marine aquariums, sharing his experience with other aquarists.

Michał Wyskiel

Active on zoology market for over 15 years. Specialist in water chemistry, promoter of the use of phytoremediation in water purification. Author of articles on chemistry and microbiology in the aquatic environment. An advocate of the idea of combining the advantages of low-tech and high-tech aquariums. Always open to new ideas and projects. 

He took his passion for aquaristics from his family home, where an aquarium always held an honorable place. Already in his school days he attended as a guest lectures in physics, biology and chemistry at several universities. Shortly afterwards, he was awarded for his research on the development of Artemia salina in various environmental conditions.

Maciek Koczko

He has been involved in aquaristics for 35 years. He has devoted the last 10 years mainly to expanding his knowledge of Loricariidae, which he successfully breeds. He is always eager to share his enormous aquarium knowledge and experience with other aquarists. You can talk to him on one of his FB groups:

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He also has his own website