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Privacy Policy of website

This Privacy Policy defines the rules for storage and access to information on the User’s devices by means of cookies used for the implementation of electronic services requested by the User and provided by Tropical Tadeusz Ogrodnik with its registered office in Chorzów /41-507/ ul. Opolska 25. User’s personal data are processed in accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) (Official Journal of the European Union L119 of 4 May 2016), hereinafter referred to as GDPR. The Administrator shall protect the interest of data subjects with due care, and in particular he shall ensure that the data collected are processed lawfully, collected for specified and legitimate purposes and no further processed in a way incompatible with those purposes; relevant and adequate to the purposes for which they are processed, and that data are stored in a form which allows for identification of the data subjects for no longer than it is necessary to reach the goals of processing. Any words, expressions and acronyms that appear on this site and start with capital letters (such as Administrator, Service or Device) shall be understood to be those defined in I of this Privacy Policy.

I. Definitions

1. Tropical Tadeusz Ogrodnik with its registered office /41-507/ ul. Opolska 25 e-mail:

2. Cookies — IT records, in particular small text files, saved and stored on the devices by means of which the User uses Service’s websites.

3. Administrator’s cookies — cookies placed by the Administrator related to the provision of services by electronic means by the Administrator through the Service.

4. Third-party cookies — cookies placed by the Administrator’s partners through the Service’s website.

5. Device — electronic device by means of which the User gets access to the Service.

6. User — any entity to which electronic services might be supplied to in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and applicable law or any entity with which a contract for the provision of electronic services may be concluded.

II. Types of cookies

1. Cookies used by the Administrator are safe for the User’s device. In particular no viruses or other unwanted programs or malware can access Users’ devices this way. These files allow for identifying software used by the User and adjust the Service to individual Users. Cookies usually contain the name of the domain they come from, the time of storage on the device and assigned value.

2. The Administrator uses two types of cookies:
a. session cookies which are stored on the User’s device until the end of the browser’s session. The information saved are then permanently removed from the Device’s memory. Mechanism of session cookies does not allow for retrieving personal data or any other confidential data from the User’s Device.
b. persistent cookies which are stored on the User’s device until they are deleted. They will not be deleted when the session is over or the device is closed. Mechanism of persistent cookies does not allow for retrieving personal data or any other confidential data from the User’s Device.

3. Users can limit or disable cookies on their devices. They will be able to use the Service apart from the features that require cookies.

III. Why we use cookies

1. The Administrator uses Administrator cookies to:

a. configure the Service
• to identify Service User’s Device and location to customize the display of the website to the User’s needs;
• to customize the size of the font, the layout of the website etc.

b. to carry out processes to ensure full functionality of the websites
• to customize the content of the Service’s website to the User’s preferences and to optimize the use of Service’s websites. In particular these files allow to identify basic parameters of User’s Device and display website customized to the User’s needs;

c. to analyze, research and to monitor viewing figures
• to create anonymous statistics which will help to understand the way Users use the Service, which will allow for the improvement of its structure and content;

d. to ensure security and reliability of the Service

2. The Administrator uses third-party cookies to:
a. collect general and anonymous statistical data by means of Google Analytics tools [cookies administrator: Google Inc with its registered head office in the US].
b. to use interactive functions to promote the Service by means of [cookies administrator: Facebook Inc with its registered head office in the US or Facebook Ireland with its registered office in Ireland]

IV. The capability to specify the conditions of cookies storage or access

1. The Users can at any time, by themselves and on their own, change cookies settings and specify the conditions of storage and cookies access to their Devices. The above changes can be made by adjusting browser’s settings or by service configuration. These settings can be adjusted to block automatic use of cookies in the browser settings or to notify the User about each instance. Detailed information about possible options for handling cookies are available in the software (Internet browser) settings.

2. The User can delete cookies at any time by using functions of his or her internet browser. Restricting the use of cookies may affect some functions/services available on the Service’s website.